So many goodies are coming with the new Natalie Bloom book!

Hello there!

So, tomorrow (December 2) is the big day. A new Bloom Sisters novel will be hitting the digital shelves. And, as promised, I'm going to be piling on the goodies for you when you pick up your copy - including a special giveaway, a FREE, advanced copy of the third Catie Bloom book, and more - available instantly when you grab this new release before midnight on December 6.

More on that in just a moment...

First, without any further ado, here's what's heading your way tomorrow, December 2nd:

Here's the blurb:

After living a lie for almost a decade, Natalie Bloom is breaking free!

Natalie’s dream of owning a restaurant is about to come true. She’s found the perfect spot in a hip Brooklyn neighborhood and the perfect business partner—gorgeous Luke Hawker. Until one day, she discovers things are not as they seem. All her money has been stolen, and Luke was the only one who had access. With her dreams crumbling around her, Natalie—alongside Max Euston, her friend and secret crush—finds herself on a chase through the jungles of Costa Rica in a race against the clock to get the money back before it’s too late.

With twists, turns, lies, and deceit, Natalie soon realizes she doesn’t know who to trust…or to love.

Can she unravel the mystery in time to save her dreams and her heart?
The Adventures of Natalie Bloom is another swoon-worthy installment in the Bloom Sisters series of fun and quirky romances and can be read as a standalone novel.


I can't wait to share this new novel with you!

So, if you're a Bloom fan already - or if you like your Sophie Kinsellas, Meg Cabots, and Jill Mansells - then you're in for a fun, romantic ride.

Oh - and did I mention yummy bonuses for you during launch week?
(Forgive me if I get a little salesy here - but this bonus stuff is pretty awesome)

Here's what I've got lined up for you when you pick up a copy of The Adventures of Natalie Bloom between Friday December 2 and midnight on Tuesday December 10, you'll also get:

  1. A whopping 75% discount on "The Adventures of Natalie Bloom" - the new novel will be priced as low as robotically possible - 99c - for the first 5 days (and then it goes up to full price)

  2. A FREE, advanced copy of The Downfall of Catie Bloom: The Bloom Sisters Book 3 (when it's available - Summer 2017)

  3. Entry into a special giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Super simple and super awesome, right? I mean, the book's going to be 99c right out of the gate! You can get one-third a cup of coffee at Starbucks for that price! And this is so much richer and more romantic - though, I do love snuggling into a good latte at my local Sbux. 

In case you forgot (my mind is mush since having two kids!) everything I've mentioned above will be ready and waiting for you tomorrow inside the book when it's released in the morning. But only for a few short days.

Until then - happy reading!