I'm thankful for... my fellow authors!

Yep, that's right. I am thankful for all the other authors out there like me. Because I realized something on this crazy journey - authors are not competition. Nope. My colleagues are part of my tribe, my warriors, my biggest fans, my saviors!

This. is. not. a. joke.

Why? Because books are cheap. Especially ebooks. And women are voracious readers. Especially those that love romance. Readers are always on the look out for another author to fall in love with.

It doesn't matter if you're traditionally published or an Indie author, we all need help getting our book and name out there. To be visible. To help people find us. Because there are some amazing books out there that would become best sellers in a day, if only they could rise up from the congestion of everything that is being thrown at readers these days.

And I discovered the best way to do that is to enlist the help of other authors. Together we band together and skip along shouting each other's names to our own fans. If I tell someone who is a fan of my work that I also think they'll love this other author. I won't lose them as a fan. I'm not telling them to go from using a Samsung to an iPhone (uh, though you may want to do that, since Samsungs are blowing up right now). Readers can be fans of many authors and read many many many books. And I can help them do that. And they'll be grateful. How awesome is that?

So if you wonder why I may give a shout out to another author or send an email letting you know about another amazing author or book, that's why. Because I love helping my readers and I love helping fellow authors. And, yes, I love helping myself. I mean, I'm not that altruistic. I just love helping my fellow creatives out.