Dreams come true...

This post is meant to be about my dreams coming true. Which they did. But, man, oh, man, it sure sounded sickeningly sweet when I wrote about it. Not that I’m not ready to pop on some old-school “I’m Walking on Sunshine” and get my groove on (not something anyone would want to see right now, since I’m in PJs, reading glasses, and my newborn is crying). Oh, wait, my newborn is crying! Hold that thought...
Okay, I’m back. All is well in babyville. She’s my second child, so her cries aren’t as drop-everything-scary as it was with my first daughter. This one gets slung on my hip and carted around. I was much more precious with the first. But, I digress.
So, yeah, I’m publishing my debut novel and I’m freakin’ thrilled! And I’m doing it with the amazing honor of it being an award-winning novel. Which makes me an award-winning author. Say, what? 
So here’s where it’s going into mushy world again. Yes. After many years of working towards this goal it is here. My first novel. And it’s better than I could have imagined because it won second place in the Golden Palm Contest before it was even published. And I’m proud. I think we should all be able to brag about our accomplishments. We don’t do it enough. We feel much more comfortable putting ourselves down than lifting ourselves up. We can lift each other up, but God forbid we say something nice about ourselves. Than we’re just full of it. Too proud. Too vain. Too cocky.
We all need to be more vain and proud and cocky and just plain nice to ourselves. Especially women. If I say “My thighs are so fat.” Everyone would nod in agreement, understanding. But if I said, “My thighs look amazing!” Everyone would cock their head and wonder if I was right in the head. Sad, but true. 
Oh, wait... I’ve digressed again. Okay, back on track. My book.
Yes, my book is coming out in less than two weeks. And I’m stoked. And I’m proud. I did this. I really did it. Go me!
I better get back to work, though. The second book in the series isn’t going to write itself. It’s due for the first round of edits in three weeks. Man, deadlines are great but boy they put the pressure on! 
Btw, procrastination doesn’t go away, even when you’re a published author.
Lesson learned. Maybe.