Discussion: The Misadventures of Catie Bloom

Spoilers- read questions after you've finished the book

1. If Catie hand't filmed the special, would she have continued her lies? How/when would they have caught up with her?

2. Why did Sam let Catie believe he was a player?

3. Was it worth it for Natalie to keep Catie’s secrets and continue to help her, even ghost-writing part of Catie’s book?

4. Why does Natalie go along with Catie’s charade for so long? Should Natalie have stuck up for herself sooner?

5. How does Catie's lying effect her personal life? Could it be part of the reason she's not had a real relationship since college?

6. When do you think Max realized Catie’s lies?

7. What do you think will happen between Max and Natalie?

8. Have you ever been in a relationship because of tragic/desperate circumstances, like Max and Jess?

9. Have you ever lied to keep/get a job?

10. Was Sam right to read Catie’s letter without her permission?

11. Do you think Catie will stick to her word and finally take her career in an honest direction?